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My first showing at Windsor Art Fair...

It's been a while!... Since i posted on here but as the year comes to a end I have a little more time set aside to catch up on a few of the tasks that get left behind... This is one of those tasks :)

It's been a really busy year and I have alot to catch up on but I will keep it brief! First a massive THANK YOU to all my clients, followers and subscribers for making this year such a great year. I really appriciate all the likes, follows, comments and sales!

I don't do many Art events over the year but hear are few that i have taken part in over the last 6 months

Open Up Sheffield - Open studio

Art in the Gardens - Sheffield

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - Windsor

The first two are regular local Art events that I really enjoy but The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair was my first time exhibiting there. I must say this is a very well organised event and thanks goes to Sarah and Deborah for organising it so well! Over 160 Artists are at the event and it's also a great chance to do a bit of networking. It's always great to meet other artists, chat, share experiences and make new friends!

Windsor Art Show

There is soooo much that goes into exhibiting at one of these events it's never ending! It kind of takes over your life for 3 months so there is only so many you can do in a year...

...As you can see from the image below my car was pretty full to the brim!

Windsor Contempoary Art Fair 2017

So I will sign off and I will be back on here sharing my artist's life on a much more regular basis from now on!

Until Next Time... MICHAEL

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